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 Heavy Duty Coil Springs for Additional Load Handling Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Heavy Duty coil springs from SuperSprings International and Dayton give you additional load handling capability as well as a simple, maintenance-free lift option for some vehicles. Heavy Duty coil springs are a practical helper spring alternative when shock absorbers are mounted inside the coil spring and are an excellent choice for vehicles equipped with diesel engines, snow plows, winches or armor plating. Heavy Duty Coil Spring Features

  • Manufactured in the USA from American made materials and components
  • Excellent for trucks with snow plows or diesel engines. No maintenance required
  • Additional load handling capability per pair over OEM springs
  • Improves corning stability, handling and ride quality
  • Heavy duty coil springs are recommend for use in vehicles used in continuous heavy hauling conditions
Coil Spring Benefits
  • Heavy Duty Coil Springs require no maintenance, making them an excellent load handling solution for fleet vehicles, pickups, vans and motorhomes
  • Heavy Duty coil springs improve the handling and ride quality of heavily loaded vehicles, thereby reducing driver fatigue and increasing safety and efficiency
Note:Never exceed the manufacturer’s suggested GVW.

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 allow the coil spring to set squarely on the mating surfaces Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

 Ends on compression spring are typically ground to allow the spring to set squarely on the mating surfaces, which helps increase service life. Grinding the ends increases the number of active coils and allows for lower stresses relative to applied loads.Precision Coil Spring has one of the most comprehensive grinding departments in the spring industry due to our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced employees.Compression springs are ususally coiled to a constant outside diameter. Other common forms include conical, barrel, hourglass, or various combinations as required by the application.  Some of the wire cross-sections used at Precision Coil Spring are:
            Round wire
            Rectangular wire
            Square wire
            Special cross-section wire
     Wire diameter ranges from 0.004" to 0.625".
     Although we use many materials to manufacture our springs, some of the more
     common materials include:
          Titanium                          Music Wire
          Inconel                            Stainless Alloys
          Elgiloy                             Beryllium Copper
          Hastelloy                          Monel

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 Tinmy produces the finest coil springs in the world Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Tinmy- Tinmy produces the finest racecar coil springs in the world. Period. When other springs sag, or need frequent replacement, top race teams, from F1 to WRC, from Le Mans to NASCAR, inevitably turn to Tinmy. And, also inevitably, wonder why they didn’t choose Tinmy in the first place. To produce springs with unparalleled precision and repeatability, Tinmy uses the world’s finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances–according to Tinmy specs. We use world-renowned German CNC coilers, as well as many machines engineered and built specifically by Tinmy. In short, we use state-of-theart technology, in every step of the manufacturing process. But it’s not just about machines and technology: it’s about people. Most notably, the Tinmy Springmeisters, working at production plants in Germany and the USA: Talented, expert craftsmen, each committed to creating the finest race coil spring in the world. With our advanced technology and professional team, we can supply high quality products with competitive price an d best service.Being an OEM and after market service supplier, our sales network covers North America, South Amer ica, Europe, Middle East,Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania. Our products enjoy a high reputation in the market. Wa rmly welcome all over the world,friends to visit our Xiamen showroom and our factories to set up a long- term cooperation relationship.

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 how to determine active coils of a coil spring Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Count total number of coils, subtract a coil for each coil that touches, these are dead coils. Ground flat ends are a dea d coil. Start count with cut- off end facing you directly above would be one and so on. Not all coil springs are even coiled. You can have 1/4, 3/8, 1 /2, 5/8, 3/4 or 1/8 of a coil (Example 10 1/8 coils). If you cut one coil from a spring, the rate will increase. 1 Increasing wire diameter, will cause a great increase in rate. 2 Nothing in spring rate calculation indicates that a coil spring ever changes rate. The rate is determined by material and dimension of the spring. Coil springs don’t wear out or lose their rate. 3 Spring load determines how much load a spring can support at a given height. The rate only tells how much height will change as load is changed. A spring can lose its load height over time if steel is not heat treated properly. When a spring sags, its rate is still the same as when it was new. Some thoughts on coil spring…. There has been a theory that spring rates change (pounds per inch of compression). A spring rate is derived from two things. First, the size of the material used, and second, the total number of inches o f material used. If none of these things change, your spring rate will remain the same. Think of a coil spring as a big “slinky” toy. The greater number of coils used, the slinkier it becomes. The same goes f or removing coils, the less slinkily it is. The same principal applies to coil springs used in suspension systems. Since you cannot physically add more coils to a spring, the rate will not get weaker. In effect, the only way to change t he rate would be to cut coils or collapse the coils (by heating them) and making them touch each other. These things happening would increase the rate, as you are removing the amount of material in the spring, then comes into play s tress of a spring. Our springs are designed to take the stress of racing. Having the right size and amount of material f or the application insures it. A coil spring may take a “set” or loose free length, shortly after installation. Usually this is caused by a poor design or over stressing the spring (using it in the wrong application will over stress a spring). When a spring takes a “set” the r ate of the coil has not changed, only the amount of load it will handle does. For example, if you have a 10″ free length spring, at 100 pounds per inch rate, it will handle 500 pounds of load. If you reduce the same spring’s length by one inch of free length, it will only handle 400 pounds of load before it reaches coil bind (the point at which the coils touc h each other). When asked, “what springs do I need for my race car,” a great number of factors must be considered prior to answeri ng. Three major variables, that are never the same between each team, are driver, track and car. Since none are the s ame, you could climb into the champion’s car, take a lap, and wonder how in the world he (or she) managed to contr ol the car. You both have different feels of preference. Other variables include tire stagger, weight load per wheel, bod y aerodynamics, shock type, and many others. There is a starting point. You have to judge as to what works or what does not for you and your car. Every change made to the car should be noted, and the cars reaction to the change should be carefully studied and no ted as well. It’s a great habit; it will give you data for future reference!

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 We have an official look at the 11 low bred in 2015 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The Jordan 11 Low Bred is recognized as probably the most popular silhouettes in the Jordans Retro line. The sneaker this past year saw a couple of low top releases in various colors and also the Jordan brand continues producing the reduced top 11 by shedding the Bred version early in the year of 2015. Reported by certain sneaker media shops as some kind of Cheap Jordan 11 Low Bred, history informs us this nickname does not seem sensible. While putting on the Jordan XI, Michael together with the '95-'96 Bulls taken their 4th title a well known fact honored through the four trophies seen around the gold foil graphic around the left tongue of both pairs. Finally Girls Jordan 11 Low Bred will release another original color plan on the low Jordan 11. The Cheap Jordan 11 Low Bred 2015 might be the shoe of the summer time, any surprises notwithstanding. Even though we are still wishing for many kind of magical Remastered Bred 11 come The holiday season this season, Bred 11 Lows are certainly some to be careful for.

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